Photo gallery: Confluence 2023 conference sees commitments to Christ, ministry and evangelism


McDONOUGH, Ga. —  Five people surrendered their lives to ministry at a conference for Georgia college students last weekend, and five others made salvation decisions.

They were among about 650 co-eds who attended Baptist Collegiate Ministries’ annual Confluence conference at Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church. The focus of this year's conference was evangelism.

According to Beverly Skinner, director of campus expansion for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board’s BCM program, evangelism is a top priority. "We are training students to share their faith," she said.

She  explained that students were encouraged to accept the "5 by 12/25 Challenge" to identify, pray for and share the gospel with five people by Christmas.

Some 70% of the attendees comitted to the challenge, while 90% committed to be trained in sharing their faith, participate in an evangelistic event on campus, and/or pray weekly for lost friends.

Skinner said one student from Dalton State College that attended Confluence for the first time this year understood the message. "It's not just a calling for some people, " she quoted him as saying, "It is in fact a calling for all of us to tell people about Jesus."