Prince William visits his wife, Kate, in hospital after her abdominal surgery


LONDON (AP) — Prince William visited his wife Kate Thursday in a London hospital, where she is recovering after abdominal surgery.

British media reported that the 42-year-old Princess of Wales was “doing well” after the operation, details of which have not been disclosed.

Royal officials announced Wednesday that Kate had had surgery and was expected to remain in the private London Clinic for 10 to 14 days. She is not expected to resume public duties until April.

The princess’ office at Kensington Palace didn’t offer further details, but said her condition wasn’t cancerous. Though she has generally experienced good health, Kate was hospitalized while pregnant because of severe morning sickness.

William, who is heir to the throne, also has postponed some official duties so he can devote time to his wife and their three children.

Soon after the announcement of Kate’s hospitalization, Buckingham Palace said that King Charles III will undergo a “corrective procedure” for an enlarged prostate next week. The palace said the king’s condition is benign.

Details of royal health are always a tricky issue in Britain – members of the royal family are private individuals but also, in a sense, public property. Charles is head of state, and Kate is destined to be queen when William succeeds his father to the throne.

The publicity around the king’s surgery is seen as an opportunity to encourage other men to have their prostates checked in line with public health advice. The 75-year-old monarch sought treatment “in common with thousands of men each year,” the palace said.

An enlarged prostate is common in men over age 50. The condition affects how one urinates and isn’t usually a serious health threat. It’s not cancer and doesn’t lead to an increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

The U.K. and foreign media have been focused on the health of Britain’s senior royals in recent years as the late Queen Elizabeth II faded from public view during the last months of her 70-year reign.

Few details were released about the late monarch's condition. The public was told only that the queen was suffering from “mobility issues.” The cause of her death in September 2022 at the age of 96 was listed on the death certificate simply as “old age.”