REV IT UP: Don't overlook the significance of Pastor Appreciation Month


By John Paul Hasick

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and with all the assigned themes and designations to other months and special days, I pray we do not miss or over-look the significance of this month. I do not want to give you a gift suggestion list but rather some ways in which church and congregation can benefit your Pastor and Family all year long.

John Paul Hasick

Is there anything which enhances a pastor’s ministry more than the total support from his wife and family? Is there anything that increases the pastor’s family support more than constant encouragement from the pew?

The way to a pastor’s heart is through his wife and family. When a church encourages and supports the pastor’s wife and family, it reflects positively in his total ministry.

There is no other occupation or calling where a Family is more “on-stage,” “in a glass house,” or “front and center” than in ministry.

This is not an impossible hill to climb as long as there is support and encouragement from the pews. It can, however, become a heavy millstone for a pastor when that church family support is absent.

Thank God for those people in the pew who have God-given sensitivity for their pastor and family. May their tribe forever increase!

Such people who encourage the pastor’s wife and family remember the “little things.”

They remember to protect the pastor’s time with wife and family.

They remember to pray for each member of the pastor’s family.

They remember birthdays.

They remember to help with the personal needs which are easily overlooked.

They remember to provide free baby sitting for the pastor and wife.

They remember with pie, cake, BBQ or occasional invitation for a meal in their home.

They remember to affirm each member of the family.

They remember that the pastor’s family is human too.

They remember that the pastor’s family needs to feel accepted, loved, understood and appreciated.

Encouraging your pastor and his family this month and every month would be one of the best ministries you could perform for Jesus. “When you did to these … you were doing it to Me,” (Matthew 25:40) could mean the pastor’s family, too.

John Paul Hasick is associational missionary in the Grady County Baptist Association.

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