Sharing the Gospel in a digital age


THOMSON, Ga. – The pastor who teaches and motivates his church members to reach the lost will never see his church die. In fact, he  will likely see the church flourish and significantly impact its community for the cause of Christ.

William Booth was the founder of the Salvation Army and a zealous soul winner. It was the comment of an atheist that impelled Booth to become a fervent witness for Christ. Here is the atheist’s statement: “If I believed what your Christians say you believe about a coming judgment, and that impenitent rejectors of Christ will be lost, I would crawl on my bare knees on crushed glass all over London, warning men, night, and day, to flee for refuge from the coming day of wrath!”

Every pastor should be looking for new ways to present the Gospel in this digital age. Meet Gary D. Caudill: Last year he moved to Georgia from a church in Mississippi and he has developed a unique and impressive way to introduce the Gospel to those who are lost and without Christ.

Caudill was born in Wilkes County, N.C., saved at age 11 and called to preach when he was 18. In the last 24 years, he has served churches as minister of music, student pastor, associate pastor and for the last 12 years as a senior pastor. Since July 2022 he has been pastor of Washington Heights Baptist Church in Thomson. He also preaches as an evangelist and his family serves with him to provide Gospel music for his extended ministry.

Caudill explained, “From a spiritual viewpoint I grew up from age 12-18 in a vibrant, growing evangelistic church in Yadkinville, N.C., where evangelism is not just taught, but implemented and practiced. During those six years I saw the church grow from 300 to 700 and it was not uncommon to hear testimonies of people trusting Christ every week during those years.

“I would go out with my student pastor on Wednesday evenings before our discipleship classes and watch him knock on doors and show us how to talk to people and share the Gospel. My pastor was also very passionate about winning souls.”

Caudill continues, “My father, who was saved out of alcoholism, was on fire for God and told people everywhere what God had accomplished in his life. He also personally financed many trips to Ghana, West Africa resulting in many coming to Christ and growing in the grace and knowledge of our Savior. I soaked all that up like a sponge and felt the call of God on my life to tell as many people as possible about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.”

Today the Washington Heights pastor is not only serving a local church and preaching wherever his schedule will permit, but he has developed an amazing website: His ministry/business card has a QR code. You place your smart phone over the QR code and Caudill’s testimony may be viewed via video.

It all started when his brother, Jimmy, recently called him and requested him to build a website that would give him the opportunity to give his testimony and hand out the business cards with a QR code that would drive people to his salvation story. (Incidentally, Gary and his two older brothers were all saved on the same day, September 9, 1990.)

Caudill stated, “The conversation with Jimmy prompted me to build not just a single website for one individual, but an entire platform that has the capability of going viral with Gospel stories as others join the ranks in telling their salvation story on videos. God has already begun to bless this ministry in just one month. We can’t wait to see how many pastors and laity we can serve in helping spread the Gospel in a powerful way.”

Check out Gary Caudill’s ministry by using the QR code below:

Caudill has built this platform for the purpose of reaching more people for Christ by helping Gospel-focused pastors communicate their own story. Just go to his website to find out what he offers.

He exclaimed, “My dream is to help every pastor possible to amplify their voice with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as loudly as possible using modern technology.  The Lord has stirred my heart to help the man of God soar to new heights through resources, renewal, and reinforcement, and this platform has huge potential to facilitate that process.”

Caudill concluded, “My ultimate vision is to do my part to make the world a hard place not to hear about Jesus, and I'm asking as many as possible to join with me in that effort!”

Gary Caudill