Spurgeon College basketball coach Livezey wins Coach of the Year Award


KANSAS CITY, Mo—The NCCAA Southwest Region recently announced its selections for the 2022-2023 Men’s Basketball honors. Amongst the recipients, Spurgeon College Men’s Basketball Coach Billy Livezey won the Coach of the Year Award. Additionally, two players on the team received national honors.

Livezey, who completed his first year as head coach at Spurgeon College this year, led the men’s basketball team in a historic season.

In response to the recent announcement, Livezey expressed his profound gratitude for the opportunity, “Thanks to the coaches who accepted me into their league, my players for trusting me from day one and fervently buying into our faithful culture, Coach Risher for taking a chance on me, and most importantly my beautiful wife for serving me and the team all year.”

“I was very encouraged to see this honor bestowed upon Coach Livezey,” said President Jason Allen. “It is an honor well deserved. We are so proud of Coach Livezey and our team for a great season. It was an exciting year, and this award and the two other awards given to our players serves as a fitting conclusion.”

Livezey led the Spurgeon Knights to a 14-9 record this season. At several points throughout the season, the team led the nation in rebounding and scoring, averaging over 100 points per game.

Livezey said, “The Lord has been too kind and gracious. Not many people believed what we could do this year, but these players did. This coach award is the player’s award. They are the ones who put in the work every day and proved a lot of people wrong, and some people right. I’m thankful for these men who are in this program.”

“Above all else though,” he continued, “all glory and praise be to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. To Him be the glory.”

Before joining Spurgeon College as head coach, Livezey spent seven years in college athletics and has been a part of six conference championships and four NCAA national tournament appearances.

In addition to Livezey’s Coach of the Year Award, two Spurgeon College basketball players received national honors as well. Junior Jude Warren won First Team All-Region and Sophomore Drew Middleton won Second Team All-Region.

Throughout the season, Warren received the National Player of the Week Award twice. He averaged 23.78 points per game, finishing the season with a 53% shooting percentage. Defensively, he amassed 16 blocks, 67 steals, and 129 rebounds.

Middleton also received the National Player of the Week Award this season. He finished the season averaging 20.48 points per game with a 44% 3-point percentage, which was one of the top shooting percentages of players across the country.

Livezey expressed his gratitude for his players and their hard work and determination throughout the season as well.

He said, “I’m so proud of all my players and all their hard work this season, and that goes for Jude [Warren] and Drew [Middleton] too. They worked every day and earned everything that came to them. I am so proud of them and each member of this team.”

Spurgeon College Athletic Director Matthew Risher said of Livezey, “Coach Livezey is a proven winner on and off the court. He is the perfect person to grow Spurgeon basketball into one of the best programs in the NCCAA.”

The NCCAA basketball season begins in October. Livezey and the Spurgeon Knights look forward to building on their success next year.