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Stop predatory Gambling expansion in Georgia


Dear Friends:

We are at a very dangerous tipping point in our state.

Because of Senate Legislation that has passed out of a House Committee, we are now facing the possibility that the House will vote on a Sports Gambling Constitutional Amendment (SR 135) and enabling legislation (SB 142) ASAP!

Please make plans to contact your State Representative today and do not let them give you the excuse of “just let the people vote!” Legislators cannot shirk their responsibility to protect the citizens of our state from one of the worst predatory industries in the nation!

Sports gambling, while it is being done illegally in the state now, will be exponentially worse if made legal, especially by way of advertising and addiction. In Tennessee, an addition hotline has seen an 800 percent increase in calls since sports gambling was legalized.

Please reference this Sports Gambling Fact Sheet. Because it will be legal, more people will be gambling, and more accessibility will be impacting children’s association to the activity. See also this Fact Sheet on Children and Sports Gambling.

The gambling industry has outspent its opposition on opposing gambling $250 to $1 in referendums. It will be almost impossible to defeat the false advertising and to overcome the money they will spend!

At the time of this alert, the sports gambling bills are on the calendar for a potential vote in the House, Thursday, March 25th. 

Here is a link provided for contact information of State Representatives.

***Feel free to reach out and ask that they vote NO on all Sports Gambling Legislation!***

Thank you for your prayers and support! You are making a difference for the families and children of our state!

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