Truett McConnell president's vision is to fill proposed dorm with students 'sold out for Jesus'


CLEVELAND, Ga. — Truett McConnell University President Emir Caner has a dream, a vision, a goal of having resident housing for 1,000 students on campus who can be trained to be warriors for Christ. A proposed dormitory would provide housing for an additional 400 students for the growing university.

Caner explained, “We want to build this dorm and fill it with students who are sold out to Jesus. At TMU, we are unwavering in our commitment to standing on truth. This foundational principle permeates every aspect of our institution, shaping our approach to athletics, academics, student life, and beyond.”

The proposed student resident complex, with an estimated cost of $22 million, could be built according to Caner at the cost of 200 dollars per square foot. The building would be strategically placed near and slightly above the baseball field and other TMU Bears sporting venues.

When asked when the building construction would begin, Dr. Caner answered, “It is my dream, but the project will begin according to God’s provision. I do not want to have to increase students’ tuition and college expenses to construct this building, but I am trusting God to provide the finances through His people.”

Dr. Caner’s intention is to make Truett McConnell a training ground for those who become students at the 78-year-old institution. He declared that he wants as many students as possible to be on campus, because the institution is a place that provides community for all students. Not only is the school committed to advancing a biblical worldview, but discipleship groups meet every Monday, chapel is held every Tuesday, and the faculty is committed to mentoring each student during their years at TMU.

“We are here to ensure theological integrity,” declared Caner. “The Charles F. Stanley Chair of Theology is the anchor to our Christian studies program; and we are here to fulfill the Great Commission.”

In a message to the trustees and friends of the University, Dr. Caner explained at a VIP Dinner on Friday evening, March 15 that the school has embraced ten principles which are:

  • Fearless Prophets Over Cowardly Compromisers
  • The Voice of God over The Opinions of Man
  • Immutable Truth Over Foolish Fantasies
  • Redemption Over Condemnation
  • Culture of Life Over the Culture of Death
  • Capitalism Over Socialism
  • Historical Patriotism Over Historical Revisionism
  • Founding Freedoms Over Cancel Culture
  • Eternal Victory for the Next Generation Over Perpetual Victimhood for the Next Generation
  • Sacrifice Over Compromise

Truett McConnell is a training ground where these principles are being taught and inculcated into the hearts of the students.

Training grounds are often thought of as fields or arenas where athletes prepare for sporting competitions, with activities primarily concentrating on skills and fitness. Sometimes training fields are defined as places where people go to receive the skills needed to do a particular job. A training ground can also be an outdoor equipping facility used by a military, paramilitary or militia to train or organize soldiers and recruits.

Georgia Baptists can be grateful for the spiritual training ground that is operational at Truett McConnell University, as the school hopes to make Cleveland the epicenter for a spiritual and cultural awakening.