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Truett McConnell vice president pens open letter to President Trump


President Trump:

First let me say thank you! Thank you for keeping your word. Thank you for the cabinet appointments. Thank you for your vice-presidential selection. Thank you for your time and service! I am sincerely grateful you gave up so much to serve our country!

Fellow Christians maligned many of us, who voted for you. We were told that we were compromising our faith, Biblical standards, and a Christian worldview. We responded to such comments with vigor; taking you at your word about pro-life, religious liberty, and Biblical values. We didn’t defend your past, any more than we defended our pasts. We admitted you were a sinner, as are we all. We admonished our brothers/sisters not to judge you by your past; we admonished them of the importance of religious liberty and life for everyone; we admonished them that no nominee is perfect, as we are all sinners. In so doing, we were told that we were blind; that we would blindly follow whomever the GOP nominated; that you were secretly a liberal, etc.

When such rhetoric didn’t work, we were then told we were supporting a sexual predator and sexual assaulter. Again, we tried to explain to our brothers/sisters that we don’t take what CNN or NY Times says as gospel truth; that just because the democrats find women who would accuse you of such (during a heated election) does not make it so; that a comment made years ago (however inappropriate it was) about what women allowed you to do, does not make you a sexual assaulter; that if your wife forgave you then perhaps “Christians” should as well.

Our vocal defense is why I say Thank You! We didn’t, nor do we now, know you; but we chose to trust you. I, personally, want to thank you for keeping our trust and vindicating our choice. I implore you to continue to do so with your court nominees.

Further, if I could offer you any advice, as my President, it would be: Please continue to use your Twitter account to bypass the liberal media, but perhaps at times the tone could be modified. The content is dead on! But how you say it, perhaps, could be more gentle and humble (both of which God honors).  President Obama had an incredible ability of saying things, which were contrary to a Christian worldview (and thus errant) in a way that sounded both honorable and believable. He was the epitome of symbolism over substance.

You, on the other hand, “tell it like it is.” You are incredibly forthright, and your words are substantial; however, the tone turns some off. Perhaps combining President Obama’s strength in this area with yours could prove wise.

Please know that many of us Christians place our loyalty in our Creator, not in our Country; in our God, not in our government; in our Lord, not in our laws; and in our Savior, not in our society. As such, we will be vocal about our support of you, without fear, as I am today, when we feel you are leading in such a way that affirms a Christian worldview, but we will also be vocal, without fear, when we feel you are not.

Finally, please know I will faithfully pray for you. I will pray for wisdom from God. I will pray that you seek such (for if you do, you will find it). I will pray if anyone in your family has not come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that he/she will (even as I pray such for my family). I will pray for your protection, both spiritually and physically. I will pray that the blessings from heaven will fall on you and your family, as well as this country, as you follow God and His Word.

Dr. Brad Reynolds

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Christian Studies

Truett McConnell University

Cleveland, Georgia

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