Valdosta Ministry Center’s Next Steps project provides practical assistance and sparks hope for houseless young adults


VALDOSTA, Ga. — Valdosta Ministry Center’s newest initiative, the Next Steps program, is making a profound impact on the lives of young adults aged 18 to 25 who are houseless. The Send Relief ministry center started serving families in crisis over a decade ago.

At first, they were a resource ministry and offered special events. Now, through rapid rehousing projects, the Next Steps program provides individuals and families comprehensive support to get them off the streets and onto a path toward stability and self-sufficiency.

Through Next Steps, clients receive housing, job training, furniture parenting classes, and more. One of the many dedicated case managers, Kelly, exemplifies the heart of our mission as she mentors and supports clients, specifically one mother and her two young children.

Kelly’s guidance to the young mother extends beyond securing housing.

Through regular mentoring sessions, the woman has learned fundamental home care techniques, gained parenting insights, and received practical assistance with transportation. Most significantly, Kelly has fostered an environment where faith-based conversations can flourish.

As the mother and Kelly spend time together, they’ve engaged in discussions about the gospel. Despite existing doubts and questions, the woman has begun attending church alongside Kelly and her family. This step is a testament to the trust and rapport building through this project, opening doors for deeper exploration and understanding of faith for all parts of Next Steps.

However, the journey is ongoing, and we recognize the importance of prayer in sustaining and nurturing the gospel transformation of young adults. We ask for prayers for the mother’s continued attendance at church and for the Lord to continue to cultivate curiosity and plant seeds of faith in her heart.

We also lift up Kelly and the woman's relationship, praying for fruitful conversations and that Kelly’s love through actions encourages the mother and her family.

With your prayers and support of our mission of ministering to those in need, Next Steps participants can be brought closer to God and realize His kingdom on earth.