Volunteer labor at Pinnacle Retreat Center valued at nearly $250,000; but priceless to kids


CLAYTON, Ga. — In recent months, volunteers at the Pinnacle Retreat Center have built a new home for the administrator who oversees the property. They have also served in a variety of roles at summer camps to make sure children and teens were well fed and cared for.

Karen Pace, a Georgia Baptist Women’s consultant, said their total volunteer time reached 7,400 hours with a dollar value of nearly $250,000 based on the local pay scale.

“Volunteers extend the limited capacity staff members have in the number of hours to get work done,” Pace said. “They step in and undertake projects that make Pinnacle better and provide even more positive experiences for guests enjoying Pinnacle Retreat Center.”

At a gathering last month, Georgia Baptist Women honored all their volunteers with special kudos to Jack McCormick and Sharon Fields-McCormick, North American Board missionaries, who oversaw construction of the administrator’s house while also serving as interim directors of Pinnacle Retreat Center for six months.

Pace said their ability to recruit and use volunteers well has reignited volunteerism at Pinnacle.

Volunteers put in 3,900 hours, valued at $133,475, on the administrator’s house and 3,478 hours, valued at $109,383, working at the retreat center.

“Volunteers play an integral part in all that God is doing through Pinnacle,” Pace said. “They help set the stage for our guests to connect with God and answer His call to make disciples and leave equipped and energized to do just that.”

The Pinnacle Retreat Center’s new administrator, Kevin McDade, said volunteers are the life blood of any ministry.

Pinnacle Retreat Center and Camp Pinnacle can only fulfill its mission by partnering with volunteers and Georgia Baptist churches to advance the gospel to all who visit Pinnacle,” he said.