Looking for a pianist to join our Praise Team and accompany our choir/orchestra ($30/hr and includes PTO). Your responsibilities would include: collaborating with instrumentalists, vocalists, choir, and orchestra to provide piano accompaniment during rehearsals and performances (5.5-10 hours/week); sight-read music accurately and adapt to various musical styles (including contemporary rhythms – see the piano charts on the PraiseCharts.com site for examples); attend rehearsals and provide constructive feedback to enhance musical performances; support the choir by leading warm-ups and playing SATB parts; maintain a professional and positive attitude while working with performers (we’re looking for a team player!). Qualifications are: proficient piano skills with the ability to sight-read music effectively; experience accompanying musicians in various settings such as theater productions or auditions; strong communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with performers; ability to adapt quickly to changes in musical arrangements or performance requirements.

Posted 6/24/2024