Beulah Baptist in Louisiana heavily damaged by Tropical Storm Beryl


MANSFIELD, La. (LBM) – Though Beulah Baptist Church was destroyed by Tropical Storm Beryl, its pastor is thankful no one was injured as the storm passed, Monday, July 8.

“We welcome prayers for wisdom and direction as we seek God’s guidance for His people and His church,” Pastor Freddie Williford told the Baptist Message. “I know it will be a long process with hurdles to come but ‘some boast chariots and some in horses but we boast in the name of the Lord Our God (Psalm 20:7).”

Williford said the church has insurance and asked for prayers as they move forward.

“I am sure there will be opportunities to help with clean up and rebuilding, but at the moment we need to draw closer to God for wisdom and guidance as we rebuild His church at Beulah,” Williford said.


This story first appeared in The Baptist Message.