Commentary: After putting on a few pounds, it's now time to take them off


This is the time of year when people are making New Year’s resolutions. Typically, the most common is to lose a few pounds. 

I suspect you want to lose a couple of pounds. Maybe you need to lose a lot of pounds. Many of us do. From September 1 through December 27, I gained 15 pounds. I know; that’s really bad. I wasn’t bad for four months, but I had a few good spells of being bad. On September 1, I weighed 198 pounds. Then on December 27, I weighed 213 pounds.

My trend started when I had a colonoscopy. My doctor didn’t want me to eat any salads and a number of other healthy foods in preparation for my procedure. I had some very happy meals and gained almost two pounds leading up to my test. A couple of family get togethers, a vacation, Thanksgiving and Christmas added up to 15 pounds. Let me tell you, I can tell the difference when I put my shoes on. Also, developing plantar fasciitis and a sore foot didn’t help matters either. Many Americans deal with this occasional foot issue. During flare ups it really hurts to walk. 

The only way I’ll be able to shed the pounds is to get real religious on my eating. We gain weight by eating too much, and we lose weight when we cut back the portions and eat much less. A lot of our eating is habit. We think we have to be eating all the time. Winter months are tough because on cold dreary days and nights we hibernate in front of the TV and think we have to have food going into our mouths.

Consider sane proportional eating. Eat three small meals a day. Women can typically lose weight if they keep the calories to 1,200 a day. If you are active then maybe 1400. Aim for three four hundred calorie meals. Men typically can lose on about 1700 calories a day. This gives you three meals at just under 600 per meal. Keep in mind that often, food has more calories than we think. 

 Another option is to graze all day. A fitness trainer friend says he eats six times a day, but it’s only about 300 calories at a time. The upside to this plan is you are always looking forward to your next little meal. If you like to eat all the time this may be your best plan. 

Any activity that you can employ will also help. Winter months are tough so you have to be creative. Walk in place. Clean your house. Do setups while watching television. Do some toe touches, pushups, squats and anything that will get your heart rate up. Gym memberships soar at this time of the year. If you have time to go to the gym it might help you get through the winter. Mentally, it might help you to get out of the house. 

I’m with you on this. My hope is to lose one pound a week. Maybe by Easter I’ll be back to where I want to be. Drop me a note at or and let me know how you are doing. And I’ll post more later if I have been able to shed my extra pounds. Good luck.

Glenn Mollette is a retired pastor, newspaper columnist and the author of 11 books. Reach him at