EDITORIAL: Pine Grove Baptist Church in Moultrie saving lives of unborn babies


An article in The Christian Index in mid-May pointed out that the first glimpse that many young mothers-to-be in Moultrie get of their babies is via an ultrasound machine at the Hope House Women's Clinic.

They see the developing facial features, the tiny arms and legs, and they fall in love, tossing aside any notion of ending their pregnancies.

So, when the ultrasound machine at the Moultrie pregnancy center stopped working, Pine Grove Baptist Church in Moultrie wasted no time in donating the money needed to purchase a new one.

In doing so, the generous Georgia Baptists at Pine Grove saved countless lives.

Pine Grove Pastor Stanley Norman said church members were invited to make financial contributions to cover the $28,600 cost. They jumped at the invitation.

“Our church has always been generous,” Norman said, pointing to any number of projects, both in the local community and beyond.

The staff at the Hope House gave the new ultrasound machine the name Abigail, after the life-saving heroine of the Old Testament.

Giving human names to machines may seem unusual. In this case, it does seem fitting because Abigail, introduced in 1 Samuel 25, prevented the shedding of innocent blood.

That’s Pine Grove’s hope for the new ultrasound machine, that it will prevent the shedding of innocent blood.

For their generosity in meeting such a crucial need, Pine Grove deserves a special thanks.

So, to the Pine Grove family, THANK YOU.