Food distribution in West Africa community leads to opportunities for sharing the gospel


In a remote village in West Africa, an inspiring story of faith, resilience and community support unfolded, highlighting the impact of compassion and gospel hope. Through the dedicated efforts of one man and generous contributions from the global community, the Send Relief project embarked on a mission to provide essential food supplies to a community facing adversity and isolation.

The project aimed to deliver a month’s worth of food staples, including rice, millet, oil, milk powder and cereal to families in need. Despite facing significant regional security challenges, the initiative successfully distributed two months’ provisions to 60 families or around 342 grateful people. The distribution was a beacon of hope, bringing sustenance and a tangible expression of love and hope.

Testimonies from the recipients painted a vivid picture of the difference these efforts made. The man's brother, a non-believer, noted the profound emotional impact of the distribution, stating, “Some people cried because this gift touched them…they were so happy.” A widow, overwhelmed by the generosity, expressed her gratitude: “Thank you very much to those people who thought of us. May God bless you and give you many good things.” The man himself reflected on the initiative’s significance, “Truly this is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and being a disciple of Christ. We are very happy with this donation. God bless you abundantly and open many doors for His work.”

Despite the project’s success in reaching many in need, it encountered formidable obstacles. The village’s only cell tower, essential for communication and financial transactions, was destroyed in an attack shortly after the food was distributed. This event underscored the precarious conditions under which the people of the community live and highlighted the protective grace that allowed the food to remain secure without serious injuries.

One of the most significant outcomes of the Send Relief food distributions has been the newfound trust and respect the man has garnered within his community. His involvement has opened doors for weekly ‘Hope’ broadcasts in the village’s heart language. Before, the man was known as a Christian, but now he is known as “a safe and trustworthy man of God.” These broadcasts have been well received, marking a shift in perception and relationship between himself and the local people.

However, the challenges persist, with the local shops emptied of food and the roads blocked, preventing necessary supplies from reaching those in need. The situation calls for continued prayers and support for the community, which is in dire need of food, water and medical supplies.