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Fordham reports 6 saved at Florida revival


Georgia evangelist Keith Fordham provided the following report to The Christian Index.

The Wild Game Supper Feb. 29 was amazing. Rev. Marvin Lee and his small church have been holding this event for six years. They charge $10 per person. There were 250 people, counting the kids, at the event. It was a good thing that the fire marshall did not show up. Other rooms outside the Fellowship Hall were used to feed people.

When it came time to present the program, tables and chairs had to be removed for all the people to fit in the fellowship hall. It was standing room only. Homer (ventriloquist dummy) and I presented a skit on hunting everything from pole cats to bears. We concluded the fun time with a Homer Look-a-Like contest.

Then I presented a 20-minute gospel presentation. The Romans Road with personal testimonies from my life and soul-winning adventures were given. At the invitation to accept Christ, men, women, boys, and girls were asked to raise their hands. Six raised their hands. There was not room for them to come forward. In addition, a handful of people made rededications of their lives.

Anytime people are saved, God has used His people to reach the lost. Far more lost people were not saved, including a table with four lost men who never attend church anywhere, brought by their friend. However, they heard the gospel and God’s Word will fulfill His purpose.

The smoothness and of the feeding of this crowd and all the other details of the supper took tremendous effort. It was well worth it! Rev. Marvin Lee and the members of Ephesus Baptist Church did a fantastic job in reaching out in the name of Christ to their community. The food, and hospitality honored the Lord Jesus. Shirley and I enjoyed out time with God’s people thoroughly.

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