Georgia Baptists give $8.4M to faith-based healthcare providers, nursing schools, pregnancy centers, and more


DULUTH, Ga. — It’s not lost on Craig Dale that the $8.4 million in checks he helped to hand out to faith-based healthcare providers on Thursday will have physical and spiritual impacts on untold numbers of Georgians.

“It's a cool experience to say the least,” said Dale, chairman of the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation, a philanthropic organization that funds frontline caregivers in communities across the state. “And the really cool part is that each check is going to be converted into life-changing programs.”

A wide assortment of organizations received  funding, including the nursing schools at  Brewton-Parker College, Shorter University and Truett McConnell University,  pregnancy centers, medical and dental clinics, and mobile health ministries.

Besides improving physical health, organizations that receive funding from the foundation reported more than 1,500 salvation decisions in the past year and some 22,000 since 2005, when the grant program began.

The foundation has awarded more than $70 million in grants since its creation.

Larry Wynn, executive director of the foundation, said the grants ensure that Georgians receive hands-on health care through medical and dental clinics, prenatal clinics, counseling services, and a variety of other ministries.

Wynn said foundation-funded clinics that minister to mothers-to-be have saved the lives of more than 23,500 babies that otherwise may not have been carried to full term.

“In life, you’re not afforded many opportunities to do something like this,” Dale, pastor of Ivy Creek Baptist Church in Buford, said of the check presentation program held in Duluth. “As you’re handing those checks over to people, you’re handing them over to people who have been fully vetted and have shown themselves to be quality individuals who are representing quality organizations who are doing quality healthcare and helping folks come to faith in Christ.”

The foundation, Wynn said, “is committed to the continuation of a healthy community. For more than 120 years, the Georgia Baptist Health Care System has offered a ministry of healing to those in need. That ministry continues as we work to offer a wholesome quality of life to the citizens of Georgia.”

Grants are awarded to organizations that emphasize Christian living and family values and that provide compassionate care, unconditional acceptance of those they serve, like Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, which received a $60,000 grant

“The impact that this has is awesome,” said Chris Brand, president of Friends of Disabled Adults and Children. “This allows us to serve more and more.”

The foundation said the grant program funnels grants to organizations that have a reverence for the dignity of each individual and for cultural diversity.

“As we selected the grant recipients for this year, we continued to focus on funding “hands-on” health care ministries,” the foundation said. “Our efforts in offering grants to non-profit health care organizations is intended to lighten the burden of those who offer health care services, and those who receive those benefits.”

This year’s recipients are:

Athens Neighborhood Health Center, $100,000.

Athens Nurses Clinic, $60,000.

Baptist Mobile Health Ministry, $50,000.

Baptist Village Retirement Communities, $100,000.

Bethesda Community Clinic, $100,000.

Brewton-Parker College School of Nursing, $150,000.

Camp Twin Lakes, $100,000.

CareLink of Northwest Georgia, $25,000.

Center for Black Women’s Wellness, $60,000.

Center for the Visually Impaired, $75,000.

Christ Community Health Services of Augusta, $100,000.

Clarkston Community Health Center, $100,000.

Community Helping Hands Clinic, $10,000.

Conasauga Baptist Association, $50,000.

Consolation Baptist Association’s medical clinic, $75,000.

Coweta Samaritan Clinic, $100,000.

Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care, $90,000.

DDD Foundation for charitable dental care, $100,000.

East Georgia Healthcare Center, $100,000.

Ethne Health, $100,000.

Faith Hope & Love Christian Ministries, $50,000.

Faith In Serving Humanity Medical, $95,000.

Forsyth Community Clinic, $20,000.

Free Clinic of Rome, $90,000.

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, $60,000.

Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes, $100,000.

GAP Ministries for prescription medications for indigent patients, $45,000.

Georgia Highlands Medical Services, $100,000.

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation for indigent vision care, $100,000.

Giving Health, $100,000.

Good Health Ministries, $65,000.

Good News Clinics, $50,000.

Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb, $100,000.

Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett, $100,000.

Good Shepherd Clinic, $100,000.

Grace Village Medical Clinic, $20,000.

GuideStone Financial Resources for Mission Dignity, 193,200.

Gwinnett Metro Baptist Network medical clinic, $100,000.

Hands of Hope Clinic, $90,000.

Healing Bridge Clinic, $75,000.

Hebron CHC/Truth’s Community Clinic, $40,000.

Hope Clinic, $100,000.

J.O.Y. Clinic, $50,000.

Just People Inc., $20,000.

Kingdom Care, $75,000.

LifeTools/The CarePlace, $75,000.

Lighthouse Family Retreat, $20,000.

Macon Volunteer Clinic, $100,000.

MAP International, $82,500.

MedShare, $100,000.

Mercy Health Center, $97,500.

Mercy Medical Clinic and Foundation, $75,000.

MercyMed of Columbus, $100,000.

Meridian Ed Resource Grp/Whitefoord Inc., $100,000.

Miracle Making Ministries, $100,000.

Morganton and Mountaintown Association, $100,000.

Moyo Missions, $10,000.

North Georgia HealthCare Center, $80,000.

Northeast Georgia CC, $10,000.

Paulding Pregnancy Services, $24,850.

Peace on the Move, $20,000.

Penfield Addiction Ministries, $200,000.

Philippi International - Sports Serve, $20,000.

Pinnacle Retreat Center, $20,000.

Prevent Blindness Georgia, $100,000.

Rehoboth Life Care Ministries, $70,000.

Shorter University School of Nursing, $150,000.

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia, $100,000.

The Baptist Convention/ Georgia Baptist Mission Board, $573,406.

The Baptist Convention/ Georgia Baptist Mission Board, $1,790,000.

The Bridge Wellness South, $28,835.

The Good Samaritan Health Center, $100,000.

The Hearts & Hands Clinic, $75,000.

The Vitamin Bridge, $20,000.

Troup Cares, $60,000.

Truett McConnell University School of Nursing, $150,000.

TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, $45,000.

Two Rivers Health Clinic, $17,500.

Urban Health/The Urban Clinic of Atlanta, $100,000.

Whispering Hope Resource & Pregnancy Center, $20,000.

Willing Helpers Medical, $100,000.