How to say thank you to your pastor and his family during Pastor Appreciation Month


By Tim Dowdy

October is Pastor Appreciation Month so I would like to encourage you and your church to say “thank you” in some special ways this year. In fact, this Sunday is set aside as “PASTOR APPRECIATION SUNDAY!” So, let’s work together to make it special.

Tim Dowdy
Tim Dowdy

Ways to express gratitude to your pastor and his family…

From an individual or family:

  1. Pray each day for your pastor and his family. Let him know through a text, phone call or card that you are praying for him and his family.
  2. Simply tell him how grateful you are for his life and ministry. It is so encouraging to hear someone say “thank you.”
  3. Write a personal note of thankfulness from you and your family.
  4. Give him a gift card to take his wife out to dinner.
  5. Organize a group of families in the church to spend one evening with your pastor and his family. Share a meal and good fellowship designed to encourage your pastor and his family.

From a church family:

1) Recognize your pastor and his family on in the morning worship services.

2) Have the church Bible study groups prepare cards to be presented to the pastor. Don’t forget to write thank you notes to the pastor’s wife. She is often the unsung hero of the pastor’s family, so let’s be sure we encourage her with words of thankfulness.

3) Give your pastor and his family gifts that express your gratefulness for his family and ministry in the church family. Here are a few ideas:

4) Gift him with a vacation or a weekend away for a family retreat.

5) Present him with gift cards for a date night with his wife.

6) Supply the resources needed for a family or household need.

7) Have a surprise fellowship after church or on Sunday night with great food, gifts and a wonderful time of fellowship to say “thank you."

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