Letter: 'Devil in the details' of Democratic platform


I appreciated the thorough, well-researched comparison between SBC resolutions and the Democratic platform, which was obviously extremely well-researched. I would love to see a little additional info on two of them.

1. We are all against true racism! However, there are widely varying definitions, which for some Democratic leaders include a refusal to condemn violence, as well as the defense of taking other people's property as reparations. 2. We all should support adoption, but it is important, albeit probably challenging, to know if the DNC has any eligibility criteria for people allowed to adopt, most importantly how their standards line up with the Bible's. Sometimes, as the saying goes, "The Devil is in the details." 

It was refreshing to read the honest take on the prevalent climate change theory, which is taken by many as a "given" yet simply has not been validated by science due to unfulfilled predictions and contradictory claims and results. Voters must look less at the commonly-stated percentage of CO2 in the "greenhouse gases" and instead at the more relevant percentage of "greenhouse" gases in the atmospheric CO2 – as opposed to the natural sources. Much is at stake, including the many jobs that would be lost in a "no fossil fuel world" as well as the effects on our most poor and vulnerable populations.

These issues go to our basic Christian values. Thank you for your faithful work in keeping us informed. Godspeed in your continuing ministry!

Janice Moser

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