Photo gallery: Pastors Day draws 200 to state Capitol


ATLANTA – Some 200 people attended the annual Pastors Day at the Capitol on Thursday to hear from advocates working on the frontlines on important biblical, moral and ethical issues at play in the Georgia legislature.

Longtime college football coach Tommy Bowden spoke at the Legislative Prayer Breakfast to kick off the day. Bowden, who served as head coach at Tulane and Clemson, challenged attendees to stand strong for Christ.

The event is sponsored by the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, the state’s largest religious group with some 1.4 million members in 3,600 churches.

The organization honored state Sen. Randy Robertson and state Rep. Josh Bonner as 2022 Legislators of the Year for their work on legislation supported by Georgia Baptists.

Other speakers included Catherine Davis, a lawyer and pro-life advocate who founded The Restoration Project, former U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler who is founder and chairwoman of the non-partisan voter-mobilization organization called Greater Georgia, Chad Connelly, founder and chief executive officer of Faith Wins, Matt Sharp, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, and John Kindt, retired professor from the University of Illinois and one of the nation’s leading experts on predatory gambling.

The Mission Board’s public affairs representative, Mike Griffin, said the event is intended to better prepare Georgia Baptists to be engaged in the political process when issues of importance to them is being debated.