SBC Executive Committee scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss pending issues


By Brandon Porter

NASHVILLE (BP) – The officers of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee have issued a call for a special meeting of the trustees for 10 am (CDT) on Thursday. The meeting will be held in Executive Session, according to EC Chairman Rolland Slade.

Slade said the meeting will “update legal, audit and personnel matters”.

Thirteen trustees have resigned since the board voted to waive attorney-client privilege on Oct. 5 on matters related to the investigation of the Sexual Abuse Task Force appointed by SBC Pres. Ed Litton at the direction of messengers at the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting in Nashville.

The full number of trustees should be 86. The board currently stands at 72 as 13 members have resigned since the Sept. 20-21 trustee meeting.

  • Robyn Hari, Tennessee
  • Mark Elliott, Nebraska
  • Chad Garrison, Arizona 
  • Melissa Golden, Alabama
  • Kim Grueser, Pennsylvania
  • Ron Hale, Tennessee
  • Paul Hicks, Alabama
  • Phyllis Ingraham, Alabama
  • Paul McPherson, Arkansas
  • Barbara Norris, Texas
  • Rob Showers, Virginia
  • Steve Swofford, Texas
  • Chuck Williams, Tennessee

Modena Henson from North Carolina resigned before the Sept. 20 meeting because of a personal relocation.

Long-time legal counsel Guenther, Jordan and Price informed the board on Oct. 11 of their desire to withdraw as the EC’s legal counsel because of the trustee’s decision to waive privilege. The group had represented the EC since 1966.

The meeting also comes days before SBC EC President and CEO Ronnie Floyd and Executive Vice President Greg Addison are scheduled to leave their post on Oct. 31.

The special called meeting will not be live streamed because it will be an Executive Session.