Brewton-Parker reaches out to homeschool community


Matt Haley, assistant professor of Music, demonstrates the trumpet during the Homeschool Band interest day held in August 2017. The Homeschool Band is one extracurricular activity provided by Brewton-Parker College to homeschoolers. CAITLYN PARRISH/BPC

By Lauren Moye

MOUNT VERNON — Brewton-Parker College has been homeschool-friendly for many years. However, the faculty and staff has gained intentionality during the 2017-18 academic year in reaching out to these nontraditional high school students. Homeschool families will find that the most important outcome of this focus is the acceptance of Classic Learning Test scores for admission consideration.

Chris Dooley, vice president of Admissions, said: “Members of the Admissions and Dual Enrollment staff met with several homeschool families and one of the things that came from that meeting was a request that Brewton-Parker begin accepting the CLT as an option in addition to the more traditional standardized tests. After researching the test, we saw that it placed more of an emphasis on critical thinking than traditional standardized tests. We felt that students who test well on the CLT would be successful students in our liberal arts curriculum.”

In addition to accepting the CLT, there are also new financial aid programs available specifically to homeschool students who begin enrollment in the 2018-2019 academic year or in future years. Families interested in this program are encouraged to contact the financial aid office for more information. These families can also attend the April 7 preview day for more information.

Home away from home

It is not hard to find a homeschooler among Brewton-Parker’s student body. Many of these students began as traditional college students after completing their high school studies. These students have found that South Georgia’s Christian college is a good fit for their beliefs and learning style. Jerusha Yoder, one of these students, said: “When I began my search for colleges, the fear of getting lost in the crowd overwhelmed me. Being accustomed to the intimate setting of homeschool, I was convinced that I could never find the same support.

"When I discovered Brewton-Parker College, I hoped that the small campus could become my home away from home. This hope did not go in vain.”

Yoder is a 2015 Brewton-Parker alumna. She is currently enrolled at Liberty University, where she plans to graduate with her M.A. in English in May. Yoder also shared, “As a Baron, I found a family within the intimate classes and warm campus life. The overall atmosphere supported my homeschool learning style while simultaneously challenging me to grow beyond my comfort zone. Looking back on my years as a student, I am proud to be a member of the Baron family.”

From left, Suzanna Moye, Garret Moye, Lauren Moye, and Tanvi Chauhan celebrate their graduation from Brewton-Parker College in May 2015. Suzanna, Garret, and Lauren entered Brewton-Parker from three different homeschool families. CAITLYN PARRISH/BPC

Homeschool students at Brewton-Parker come as traditional college students, but there are also some who participate in the dual enrollment program alongside their regular high school studies. Tabitha Chapman, Georgia Dual Enrollment Program Coordinator, explains, “Here at Brewton-Parker College, our dually-enrolled homeschool students grow spiritually, academically, and socially.  They mature in their relationship to Christ by attending chapel, Bible studies, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, and participating with the ministerial association.  Our highly qualified faculty give personalized attention in a small class setting and campus events allow students to create lasting memories with new friends.”

Intentional outreach to the homeschool community is not limited to recruiting students. Instead, Brewton-Parker seeks to be a valuable resource to the local homeschool community. Homeschoolers are invited to public events such as lectures, library exhibits, summer camps, and more. Homeschool families are welcome to register for a public library card at Fountain-New Library. They can also participate in other extracurricular activities such as a band specifically started for homeschoolers by Matt Haley, assistant professor of Music.

For more information concerning the admissions, financial aid, or dual enrollment opportunities for homeschool students, contact the Admissions team at (912) 583-3265 or

Lauren Moye serves as Brewton-Parker College managing editor.

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